Quizzery! Worst game…

Ok! Hey guys! My name is Luckai And i want to tell you about my game! It’s not that awsome . I enjoy coding it , but meh! BY Luckai! *aka Luca

19th of May Update

The update is fully finished ! The things added are half implemented , so don’t work as planned !

Quizzery – Alpha 6


Quizzery – Demo


Quizzery 2 – Next Generation




Thx for following me! 🙂

When is the update?!!

There ya go! Update Wednesday ! A few new features for the demo , the big update , the pre alpha version of the Next Generation (as i said , because until now it only was a prototype) , and a new update for the Normal Quizzery!

Hope you enjoY!


Ok! Sorry , I couldn’t upload the new build. So , first i got home. (After writing the  9th of May update) ,and guess who hates me? That’s right ,my internet. My freakin’ wi-fi wasn’t working, and i was like :


So … I ‘ll upload the build WHEN I CAN .

Now baiii

9th of May Update

Looong time no update,right .

But before i tell you what I want to tell you that the next update is the BIG Next Generation update , and maybe Consy’s game . You will understandf when you play the game.

However I STILL haven’t finished coding the tasks. For now all tasks pop up.  It’s well just a test.

The ‘finish gamemodes , unlock others’ still not finished because I had to make Quizzery make you put in your age. For some gamemodes ,you might have to have a pretty big age. Since this was a bad idea, (because I don’t think Quizzery! will have things like these) ,I removed it from the game. In the settings you can still change your age .

The Update contains:

  • 4 – 5 finished tasks /14
  • 3 new games
  • 2 new gamemodes
  • All gamemodes functional
  • A new way to change the color ( BETA )

  • You can no longer access the debug menu by changing your name to LuckaiDev
  • Added a few new other name eastereggs

Even though you can no longer access the code is still in the game file . I can access it though , that’s where i test stuff.

I ‘m not home right now, and i can’t publish Quizzery. I’ll update this page to be able to download it , before 4 PM in eet .

Download : Quizzery

Download : Next Generation


One more day

I know waiting is something not cool…

So , I want to tell you about what was the problem.

The next Update NEEDS  a special gamemode , that is pretty hard to implement

Next Update turns Quizzery in a puzzle game.

The presence of 2 characters … Everything i can tell you is that one of them is Consy.

At the end of the gamemode Impossible , I made a short story where Quizzery crashes and asks you ( I made these “things” (Quizzery and the others) like living characters)  to “Talk to consy” that is a… task.

In the final game there will be 14 tasks. Last one where every character asks you to crash Quizzery . You will understand . Also one of the task unlocks if you have played every gamemode you can ask for an extra gamemode .


Well you just have to play it yourself.

The Problem

Recentely i came with an idea to have to finish gamemodes to unlock others …. That means i have to finish EVERY GAMEMODE. Some gamemodes need a new label ,called Tasks . Sometimes you have to complete tasks to unlock the full gamemode.

All these things… would take … OVER 2 months …

So I’l try to do a “Daily Update” where i tell you what it new.

While i work on the update , I want to release an Update for the Next Generation. To create question and send me a picture with it.

Sooo this is the Today’s daily update:

I added Tasks

I add the Talk With (A character that i will tell you later 🙂 )

I finsihed imposible

Fixed some typos

Added a new gamemode.


Finish : Culture and Messed up gamemode.

4th of April Update

Hey! I made some inprovements to the game:

This is a list added to the latest :

-Now you are able to change the color

-Fixed a LOT of bugs

-Added the imposible question! (have to mod the game to spawn them , or wait until i add the full question!

-Removed the debug menu

Now this are the Next Gen improvments

-Added the “change name” option

-Added the 3 way question


  • Alpha 5 :


  • Next Gen :


Full Pack!




YAY! I’m back! Also i want to release a new build , but it has a bug in it ! Also …

Happy LATE april fools day!

Update Soon

I’m în a camp with some friends . I can’t post any updates untul Sunday.

At least i have a fee new things…. IT will Be an Next Generation update… Like for example , i added the pisibility to create a question with 3 ways to lose or win. I might go up to ten . Anyway bye!

29th Update of March – Delayed

I tried to add some Easter Eggs , but I can’s post a new Build . Why? Well the build doesn’t work . I want to tell you that The Next Generation . I added the options to create a 3 WAY question . Also …


The other links go to the demo ... for some reason...

28th Update

I fixed maaaany bugs ,that i forgot to fix in other updates ,also I will release as a test the Next Generation! I also added a few easter eggs ! Like try using a name like “Pizza Lover” in a future update! This one doesn’t have the ester eggs working!




Full Pack!




There are a few quizzeries !

  1. The demo (free)
  2. The full game (2 USD) (for now free)
  3. Next generation (free for now )

With the demo is the test , so you can test the first game!

The full game has full options!

And the Next Generation is the quizzery to create your own question!

Here are the links!1

link for the DEMO!


link for the FULL VERSION



coming soon!

Ok! I want you to know there are a few bugs! OK? So when full alpha 5 is finished ALL the bugs will be fixed!

Until then BYE!


Download this for the FULL PACK!




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