A.S.L Student Simulator

This is what i meant

If you are familiar with the word ‘yandere’ you might already know about Yandere Simulator . What i work on is that kind a game ,with no violent actions.

-Set in a school (A big one ,with many puzzels)

If you have played the game ‘Hello Neighbour’ you know what i mean by a  ‘puzzle game’

-Game mechanics

For example ,in Yandere Simulator you have to watch yandere dev’s video .

In Student Simulator ( A Student’s Life) You might find books, or signs that tell you what you can do . Or just see students talking about that.

*wait wait … no…. it started raining just now -_-


There will be like 200 students in the game. You will be able to enter a small town


Eliminating all ten rivals. BE creative, and find usefull things around you. You would be able to interact with most of the things.

For example: Fill a bucket with hot water. Put it on the door (but first you have to know where the rival goes , the rival’s schedule ) then find a pair of scissors and cut her other clothes she has in her locker . You have to do that on the test day . There is a test on Friday in every week .


Well , thanks for following me.

Updates are kind of… not very rare.



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